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Planned Timber

Planned timber all round means that all the woods surfaces has been planned, in others words it has been brought to a uniform level. The finished look requires a smooth surface ready to be worked on or presented.
A benefit of planned timber is its superior finish; it looks polished and good quality, ready to be presented. It also has strong versatility for example it can be used for shelving, homemade furniture and flooring. Planed wood offers a depth of colour and durability making each piece unique. 

If planning is suited to you, simply request it as part of your timber order and we’ll ensure you have a cost-effective quote before we carry out the work. 

If you really mean to save time on your project, we can also help you if you require Planed Timber.
The main types of Planed Timber we offer:
In case of signing agreement for big amounts of Planed Timber, the dimensions can be modified at request.

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