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Hardwood Pellets


Our hardwood pellets are produced from dried, natural, untreated sawdust and shavings of beech and oak wood, without the addition of chemical binding agents. That is also the reason why they burn in an environmentally sound manner and with low emissions. The length of wood pellets is up to 40 mm and the diameter is about 6 mm.


The pellets have a high calorific value of about 4,8-5 kWh/kg; this means that 2 kg of wood pellets contain about as much energy as 1 liter of heating oil. On account of their compactness and high energy density of approximately 650 kg/m³, they need very little storage space.


Our pellets are available in loose amounts and in 15 kg bags. The flowability of hardwood pellets and the standardization of the pellet size allow for simple handling, easy transport and the use of automatic conveying systems. The ash produced during burning can easily be disposed of along with the household waste.

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