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Agriculture remains, without a doubt, the most important industry in the world

Promfin Investment Holding is able to construct high quality farm buildings for a number of different uses, whether it is for Dairy, Cattle and Poultry, corn and silage etc.

Our farm buildings are carefully designed with your exact specifications in mind to ensure that you are happy with the layout, measurements and materials being used. Our construction workers are highly skilled and experienced in producing buildings that are of a high standard, that are built to last so there is no need to worry when it comes to quality.

We understand that when it comes to construction projects everyone has their own budgets, timescales and requirements, which is why we tailor your construction specifically to your needs. 

Our Agricultural Steel Buildings offer the most durable and economical solution for your farm building needs. These metal barns are ideal for equipment repair, crop or hay storage sheds and farm workshop applications. The unique prefabricated design means they can be quickly assembled without any heavy machinery or costly contractors.

Completely Open Space That Eliminates Pests

Our metal barns can span as wide as 40 m and unlimited lengths without posts so there is no interference when moving large equipment around the interior without removing planters or wide equipment accessories. Since there also are no roof trusses, corn or grain can be easily top loaded into the farm building for crop storage through the roof without obstructions. Rodents, pests and birds have nowhere to perch or nest above your work area which helps keep your shop floor free of droppings and protects your crops from contamination. Hay storage is also maximized as round bales can be pyramid stacked three high without concern for any roof trusses.

Better Than a Pole Barn

Our metal farm buildings are all steel and come with an industry leading 40 year warranty against rust. Since there is no wood, only Galvanized steel , they offer a lifetime of maintenance free use. In addition to extreme fire resistance, these durable farm storage sheds do not have the problems frequently found in pole barns buildings including warping, sagging, knot defects and termites. This means no downtime due to facility repair and maintenance experienced with pole barns, allowing you to concentrate your precious resources on ensuring your farm’s profitability.

Promfin Investment Holding has a vast expertise in designing and building of livestock buildings we understand the unique challenges producers face, balancing multiple demands including animal health, productivity, equipment, waste management and future expansion. Let our experience help you manage risk, ensure regulatory compliance and improve profit. 

Dairy & Farm

From the original concept design to the completed project we’ll make your experience both comfortable and profitable. No matter if your dairy barn need is free stall barn, parlour or tie stall style, calf & heifer barns or any other dairy structure our company employed crews will deliver superior structural integrity for long life, excellent value, proper ventilation, natural light and efficient movement of animals, people and equipment.

Beef Barn Solutions

Designing a total beef barn system to help beef producers improve feedlot profit potential and equipping your new beef barn with pens, gates, feeders, waterers, cattle working equipment etc., to Optimize Profit Potential and Long-Term Value is part of our design and build process. Let us collaborate with you to enhance your livestock building with office areas, employee break rooms, restrooms, showers and records storage.

Variety of Farm Buildings

We bring experience a large variety of farm buildings including sheep facilities, calf & heifer barns, silo’s, feed storage, manure storage, concrete yards, commodity buildings and can dress up your building by adding additional premises to it.

Crop Storage Buildings

We offer the most efficient and economical solution when used as a bulk commodity, grain or corn storage building. One of the biggest advantages of grain storage arch building is that they cost less than grain storage bins or grain storage barns. Unlike grain bins, they also can be used for other purposes like equipment storage or farm repair shops when not filled with agricultural commodities. Since no special side or roof linings or bracings are typically required for crop storage in our structure, there is additional savings in both construction time and materials.

The main offered projects are:

  • Agricultural Construction
  • Comprehensive Agricultural Services
  • Greenhouses
  • Farm Buildings
  • Equestrian Buildings
  • Equipment Buildings
  • Commercial Storage Buildings
  • Agricultural Projects

We offer the following agricultural projects:

All other offered services are:

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Wood Pellet Plants
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• Agricultural Construction
• Comprehensive Agricultural Services
• Greenhouses
• Farm Buildings
• Equestrian Buildings
• Equipment Buildings
• Commercial Storage Buildings 

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