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In a worldwide changing economic conditions and rules where are meticulously developed the budgets and the their usage is strictly checked, our Customers trust us to assure them services for overall maintenance of every type and size of projects, these services are dressed with their business objectives and our high professionalism liabilities and security. 

Our services of maintenance comprise facility management, planning/scheduling, anticipating/ precluding maintenance, professional security, spare parts, warehouses, consolidated supply and skilled staff and monitoring. Promfin Investment Holding has experience of several decades in assuring consolidated systems of maintenance administration. 

Our diligences to provide the security of our clients via consecrated maintenance works assisted us to construct several long-term collaborations for decades. Our vision is that the Customer is more important than a potential project; our image depends on the continued gratification of the requests of each Customer. Across every stage of our collaboration, Promfin Investment Holding will designate the proper personnel, with the needed skills, to accomplish your guidelines of maintenance.

Our company have in operation and administration large, multipurpose plants globally. Promfin Investment Holding is a leading provider of services in Operation and Maintenance on the European market, that serve the infrastructure, industrial and power sector. Our Operation and Maintenance services involve plant maintenance, plant management, operations assistance, possessions efficiency enhancement, operations preparedness, start-up and commissioning, and engineering and erection of capital projects.

Operation and Maintenance services helps the owners of plants to decrease overall working costs and rise the plant productivity via Promfin Investment Holding’s possessions efficiency enhancement (PEE) assessment process. PEE evaluates the working efficiency of the plant and helps identify step-change enhancement opportunities deliverable by means of a pay-for-efficiency commercial treatment.
The main offered services are:

  • Operations & Maintenance Services
  • Plants Management Services
  • Special Plants Services

The company

We are specialized in the field of design, purchasing, industrial projects and services. 

Our fundamental value is to drive every our activity that we undertake to execute.

On this page can be found examples of our realized projects.

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