Design, Purchasing & Construction

We prosperously accomplished sophisticated design, purchasing and construction projects for Customers in distant and hardly accessible places from around the world. If it is a residential project, or a innovative development initiative, we provide solutions that meet the requirements of every client. 

From idea through commissioning and turnover we concentrate all our diligences on the eventual supply of our clients’ projects – the effects to be a high value plant that meets your company needs.

We provide design, purchasing and construction services in every place of the world under the most challenging conditions. When clients have sophisticated design, purchasing and erection provocations, they trust Promfin Investment Holding to provide a solution.

Whether we are assuring design, purchasing and erection of a power generation plant, residential building, or an infrastructure project, Promfin Investment Holding provides excellent service and execution.

Our design, purchasing and construction expertise can prosperously execute provocative projects in the domains of industrial, infrastructure, power and construction.

Promfin Investment Holding provide worldwide services to the customers at the best price and deliver the proper materials,
all this on time to meet the best quality of project execution. Based on a huge experience assisting Customers in the Europe,
Middle East and Asia, our progressive purchasing services produce individual solutions in accordance with the Customer needs.

In the developing world we seek for opportunities to carry out reducing of costs by concentrating or delegating various purchasing procedures. We provide from casual materials and durable assets to multipurpose services, such as expediting and modular erection of projects. Our purchasing programs can support with performing all kind of operations for the Customer, with a huge experience in assuring high efficiency, riskless procedures, and superior client service.

Why clients choose to work with us?

The main offered Design services are:

  • Design Solutions
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Design Capabilities
  • Front-End Design Capabilities

Design Solutions

Design Solutions for any kind of sophisticated provocations. Read more..

Engineering Solutions

Plans to assure engineering reflects the Customer's needs. Read more..

Design Capabilities

Real-cost solutions to enhance the competitive positioning. Read more..

Front-End Design 

Consolidated solutions to manage their issues.
Read more..

All the main offered services are:

• Design Solutions
• Engineering Solutions
• Design Capabilities
• Front-End Design Capabilities 

• Purchasing Management
• Monitoring Services
• Subcontracting Services
• Materials Management 

• Erection Management
• Major Construction & Commissioning
• Commercial Erection
• Segmented Erection 

• Project monitoring
• Process and Industrial Services
• Construction Management
• Project and Program Management
• Professional Systems and instruments 

• Operation & Maintenance
• O&M Services
• Plants Management
• Special Plants Services 

Wood Pellet Plants
Sawmill Plants
Turn-key Projects
Manufacturing Plants
Industrial Plants 

• Agricultural Construction
• Comprehensive Agricultural Services
• Greenhouses
• Farm Buildings
• Equestrian Buildings
• Equipment Buildings
• Commercial Storage Buildings 

We created a basis for the continuation of future success in providing in a safe way a lot of innovational projects worldwide.

The Holding

 About us

We are specialized in the field of design, purchasing, industrial projects and services.

Mission & Vision

Our fundamental value is to drive every our activity that we undertake to execute.

Realized Projects

On this page can be found examples of our realized projects.


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