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Worldwide purchasing services

Through our long-term partnerships and coalition worldwide, Promfin Investment Holding is capable to efficaciously source all demands of our Customers – everyplace – from most confident sources.

Our alliances give us the possibility to obtain the superior procurement: service quality, targeting value and best logistic.

Our purchasing clients believe and obtain advanced assistance for the project needs, decreased cost of works, material supply and a targeted, riskless systems and procedures of procurement.

Furthermore, our model which works promptly is able of adapting to changes in project size and loads to obtain cost savings to our Customers. Promfin Investment Holding consequently provide enhanced purchasing quality with explicit seeming into the procedure and tracking to provocative
The main offered services are:

  • Purchasing Management
  • Monitoring Services
  • Subcontracting Services
  • Materials Management

The company

We are specialized in the field of design, purchasing, industrial projects and services. 

Our fundamental value is to drive every our activity that we undertake to execute.

On this page can be found examples of our realized projects.

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