Wood Pellet Plants

Promfin Investment Holding is specializing in engineering, manufacturing and installing Wood pellet plants. We provide tailor made solutions for biomass processing, Thermal Drying and Pellets Production, From round wood to pellets.

We supply turnkey Wood pellet plants including the following steps:

  • Wood processing (debarking, chipping and re-chipping)
  • Storage, cleaning, and dosing of the raw material
  • Thermal drying
  • Milling and pelleting line
  • Pellets Storage: loading system to truck, rail, wagon and naval.

In general, the process consist in the following: the wood material (sawdust and wood chips) is delivered to the hammer mill where is grinded to 1-3 mm fraction and sent to the cyclone-settler. Dust goes out from the cyclones to the air filtration equipment.

From the cyclone-settler, grinded sawdust goes to the bunker, and through batcher and mixer – to the pellet press. Then the material is pressed through the rotating ring die holes and are formed the pellets. On the outer side of the ring die, a knife cut off the pellets at the desired length. 

After extrusion pellets reach 90-100°C temperature and are transported into the cooler, where their temperature decrease to 25°C. This sets up the lignin and hardens the product, and contributes to maintain its quality during storage and handling. Finally it is screened, so as to separate the residual fines which are generally re-used in the process. Dust free pellets are then ready for storage, fed into the packaging equipment and packed according to necessity.

In addition the wood pellet line will be installed a drum dryer representing a heat generator with a movable grate, heated with solid fuel – wood waste, chips, etc.

The set usually consists of:

  • Heat generator;
  • Drum dryer;
  • The main sedimentary cyclone of the fraction flow;
  • Secondary sedimentary ash and dust cyclone;
  • Hydraulic floor for dryer feeding;
  • Inclined chain conveyor;
  • Chimney – 15 m height;
  • The connecting channels;
  • Control stand

What's included?

In our range of services are concluded feasibility and financial studies, project management, Front End Design (FED), start-up assistance and erection management.

The main offered projects are:

Promfin Investment Holding is specializing in engineering, manufacturing and installing Wood pellet plants. We provide tailor made solutions for biomass processing, Thermal Drying and Pellets Production, from round wood to pellets.

Promfin Investment Holding is the leading sawmilling technology supplier for solid wood processing industries, offering installation of equipment, spare parts, and project engineering & management services.

We are a lifecycle engineering services company that provides expertise to clients in the engineering, construction and maintenance sector. From initial plant design and drafting to late-stage maintenance, we provide full-service solutions designed to meet our clients’ needs on-time and on-budget.

For a long time Promfin Investment Holding has particularized buildings and plants for sophisticated manufacturing and energy facilities, with more than 100 considerable infrastructure, industrial and power plants that has a total surface of 2,000,000 m2

All other offered services are:

• Design Solutions
• Engineering Solutions
• Design Capabilities
• Front-End Design Capabilities 

• Purchasing Management
• Monitoring Services
• Subcontracting Services
• Materials Management 

• Erection Management
• Major Construction & Commissioning
• Commercial Erection
• Segmented Erection 

• Project monitoring
• Process and Industrial Services
• Construction Management
• Project and Program Management
• Professional Systems and instruments 

• Operation & Maintenance
• O&M Services
• Plants Management
• Special Plants Services 

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• Agricultural Construction
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