Design Capabilities

We provide to Customer real-cost solutions to increase maximally their possessions, to enhance the competitive positioning, and to rise long-term achievements of the company.

Our design capabilities embrace proven record of accomplishment and best experience via the InfoGlobe® system, which join our designers and experts around the world, ensuring the cooperation instruments in order to meet the sophisticated project provocations.
We execute all projects with primary attention for the health, security, and ecology in all involved people in the projects.  

The design expertise of Promfin Investment Holding is provided worldwide, via our experts and consultants that are located all over Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Our design offices assure design, purchasing, and erection management support to any of our offices all over the world in the creation and implementation of projects.
Contact us to obtain consultation or to request our services.  

Design Approach

We welcome all requirements including build to specification or build to print requests and gladly offer our unique assistance in defining and developing a power conversion product to match your exact needs.
Our design approach considers the priority of your electrical, environmental and mechanical requirements including the system interaction of the application for which our power conversion products will be used. You will work one on one with our Engineering staff to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

Our methodology in the design of all our products
is based upon the following critical approach:

  • 1. Thoroughly review the power supply specification to define the specific requirements and its application. Determine if a Standard Product can be modified for the application or if a Fully Custom unit will be required.
  • 2. Determine the best topology to meet the electrical objectives of the specification while maximizing the designs’ efficiency, reliability and manufacturability including detailed cost examinations for quantity production.
  • 3. Establish a mechanical package that maximizes the best heat dissipation, provides secure component placement and stability, allows for functional air flow, secure connection points, and a well-designed enclosure as required for maxim Quality and Performance.
  • 4. Design all products to maximize their thermal dissipation of the principal heat generating components safeguarding the design from operating stresses at maximum specified temperature range.
  • 5. Establish manufacturability of the product based on ease of assembly eliminating potential or unintended quality problems during the production process.
  • 6. Product Design Verification & Test

Based on the above, Promfin Investment Holding meets or exceeds our customer expectations while delivering a Specification Compliant Full Quality product.

Contact us to obtain consultation or to request our services.

The main offered Design services are:

  • Design Solutions
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Design Capabilities
  • Front-End Design Capabilities

Design Solutions

Design Solutions for any kind of sophisticated provocations. Read more..

Engineering Solutions

Plans to assure engineering reflects the Customer's needs. Read more..

Design Capabilities

Real-cost solutions to enhance the competitive positioning. Read more..

Front-End Design 

Consolidated solutions to manage their issues.
Read more..

All the main offered services are:

• Design Solutions
• Engineering Solutions
• Design Capabilities
• Front-End Design Capabilities 

• Purchasing Management
• Monitoring Services
• Subcontracting Services
• Materials Management 

• Erection Management
• Major Construction & Commissioning
• Commercial Erection
• Segmented Erection 

• Project monitoring
• Process and Industrial Services
• Construction Management
• Project and Program Management
• Professional Systems and instruments 

• Operation & Maintenance
• O&M Services
• Plants Management
• Special Plants Services 

Wood Pellet Plants
Sawmill Plants
Turn-key Projects
Manufacturing Plants
Industrial Plants 

• Agricultural Construction
• Comprehensive Agricultural Services
• Greenhouses
• Farm Buildings
• Equestrian Buildings
• Equipment Buildings
• Commercial Storage Buildings 

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