Process and Industrial Services

Our expertise in delivering in all 
Process phases:

commissioning, purchasing and overall maintenance management and provision to customer the needed solutions, that had a palpable and important effect for the offered to our customers result, high quality services and professional team which keep expanding the continuing Promfin Investment Holding patrimony of achievements and innovation.

Our guideline is to increase maximally the capital investments of our clients and consequently support the competitive privileges of their projects. Particularly, we offer progressive solutions for improving procedures, biomass solutions for energy obtaining, which ensure the substitution of fossil fuels.

We have prosperously accomplished financial and feasibility studies and conceptual engineering, site assessments, services of various sizes projects in capital construction and enhancement solutions for solidity, in which the extremely skilled personnel have a vast expertise in infrastructure, industrial and power sector.

Our guideline is also to be the best contractor on international scale, and to provide to our customers a full spectrum of services to meet their project demands.

Industrial Equipment 
& Services

Our industrial control specialists are certified to create custom equipment modules and provide specialized automation and mechanical services critical to daily operation. 

Software Programming

Our engineers are experts in all major PLCs. We use best on the market parts and can work with just about any platform. We’re also able to meet all standards for integrating ladder logic, function blocks, and structured text programming. 

Reporting Sequence of Events

It’s crucial to quickly locate and repair the problem when a downtime happens. Being able to immediately identify where a deviation occurs as well as the corresponding triggers can be make-or-break. Our control systems respond in 50-100 milliseconds (as high as 10ms based on the application)—and include sequence of events reporting.

Fine Tuning

Our top-of-the-line industrial mechanical engineers are able to rapidly deploy PIDs with precise tuning and auto-tuners, depending on your systems’ requirements. We do what it takes so that your system can correct deviations quickly and correctly.

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Our Management


Effective and inventive project supervision programs assisting us in our business activities, starting with design and ending with execution

Process and Industrial Services

Commissioning, purchasing and overall maintenance management and provision to customer the needed solutions

Construction Management

Responding efficiently to provocations of the growing demand for real-cost, outgoing construction management services 

Project and
Program Management

When the Customers are looking for sophisticated projects providing in provocative locations worldwide

Professional Systems and instruments

Systems & instruments for project realization are utilized at all our offices worldwide to support continuity in providing every project


Our strategy is to provide progressive execution, maintaining the budget and timing terms for program of any size and scope

All the main offered services are:

• Design Solutions
• Engineering Solutions
• Design Capabilities
• Front-End Design Capabilities 

• Purchasing Management
• Monitoring Services
• Subcontracting Services
• Materials Management 

• Erection Management
• Major Construction & Commissioning
• Commercial Erection
• Segmented Erection 

• Project monitoring
• Process and Industrial Services
• Construction Management
• Project and Program Management
• Professional Systems and instruments 

• Operation & Maintenance
• O&M Services
• Plants Management
• Special Plants Services 

Wood Pellet Plants
Sawmill Plants
Turn-key Projects
Manufacturing Plants
Industrial Plants 

• Agricultural Construction
• Comprehensive Agricultural Services
• Greenhouses
• Farm Buildings
• Equestrian Buildings
• Equipment Buildings
• Commercial Storage Buildings 

The Holding

 About us

We are specialized in the field of design, purchasing, industrial projects and services.

Mission & Vision

Our fundamental value is to drive every our activity that we undertake to execute.

Realized Projects

On this page can be found examples of our realized projects.

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