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Project and Program Management

For every sophisticated and size of project Promfin Investment Holding is ready to provide Project and Program Management Services.

From Promfin Investment Holding the Customers are looking for sophisticated projects providing in provocative locations worldwide. Our experience in project management is crucial to have the most efficient and real-cost execution and management. 

Promfin Investment Holding having the role of project manager consolidate the activities of the engineering, purchasing, and construction purposes to fulfill all the required by Customer demands.

In any cases Promfin Investment Holding provide full program management to every type and size of capital projects, which engage big scale investment and services in provocative locations. The works of contractors and subcontractors are consolidated by Promfin Investment Holding to guarantee the best project results.

Promfin Investment Holding is consequently known as a leading company in the field of project and program management in the worldwide engineering/construction industry. For our capability to securely provide projects, on real-cost, and subordinated to budget we are identified as the state-of-art provider of Project and Program Management, and because of our capability to ensure with all needed services internally, and to take off from the Customers the necessity to deal with numerous mediators by contracting Promfin Investment Holding. Our fully consolidated personnel offer solutions and assistance in engineering, construction, industry processes, purchasing, project controls, security, quality, and administration and technical maintenance.

Several systems, instruments, operations, and methods used consequently for the purposes of project management in various locations were established by Promfin Investment Holding. These instruments of project management can be accessed at any time and place by worldwide teams of Promfin Investment Holding through InfoGlobe®, the informational management system of Promfin Investment Holding.

The projects administered by Promfin Investment Holding are conforming fully with the overall demands of our Operating System Requirements (OSR), the quality standard, which draw the schematic process of projects administration to guarantee prosperous providing.
The main offered services are:

  • Project monitoring
  • Construction Management
  • Process and Industrial Services
  • Project and Program Management
  • Professional Systems and instruments 
  • Management

The company

We are specialized in the field of design, purchasing, industrial projects and services. 

Our fundamental value is to drive every our activity that we undertake to execute.

On this page can be found examples of our realized projects.

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